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Exclusive: Alexis Cohen ‘Glitter Girl’ Returns to American Idol Season 8 Auditions

January 16th, 2009 -- by Jebbica -> · 3 Comments


You probably saw a familiar face after the Kansas City auditions when they previewed what would happen next week on American Idol. Yep, it’s Glitter Girl herself, Alexis Cohen, and she’s back for another go ’round!

We at Idol Mania have the exclusive scoop on what went down. No, she didn’t get a golden ticket this time, either. Even though she actually can marginally sing, unlike Bikini Girl! Maybe Alexis should lose the glitter next year and get a two-piece!

Alexis told me a couple of weeks ago: I went back To Idol. Anywho I returned for my fans and to call Simon an a**hole, and I didn’t scream a bit!  It’s actually funny, boy were they rude!   I thanked them for all their insults. Anyways, I’ve been in two movies since my last audition: one’s a feature film, even though I get paid p*ss. American Idol had one trained actor audition, and that was me. Anyways thanks for your support all along, sorry my high school enemies bothered your site, but hey it makes good for ratings!  Anyways the sharks are gonna come back out and call me crazy, LOl F them, but I didn’t curse a word this year, and I even shook Simon’s hand while calling him an a**hole, LOL Great for television, Thanks for everything.

Nice to see the year hasn’t changed Alexis too much! You will get your Glitter Girl fix next week on American Idol.

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  • 1 Abigail // Jan 21, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    Does anyone know where she auditioned at?

  • 2 Anonymous // Feb 3, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    The picture above, is from being awake more then 72 hours, All of those people are exhausted.
    This thing takes days, Hours and planning, oh and about a trunk full of cash, I knew people who were sleeping in their cars, HAHAHA sleep is for the weak…..
    Keep it Going
    Always Be Victorious

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